URL Canary
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You create a secret URL and embed it in your secret place. If the URL ever gets accessed, we'll immediately alert you so that you know your secret has been stolen.

No signup necessary

You can create a URL canary without signing up for an account. It'll be linked to the email address that the alert goes to. Later on, you can create a password if you like, or just use your email address to authenticate yourself every time.


You get to choose what content the thief will see once they have accessed your canary. It can be a 404 page, a redirect to a URL of your choice, or some custom content that you supply.


You choose what URL you want your canary to be at, or let us generate a random one. Try to make sure it's hard to guess, so that you know the only way it can be discovered is if your secret gets stolen.

Alert types

Pro and Enterprise customers can have SMS and webhook alerts in addition to emails, and Enterprise customers can have custom integrations.