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URL Canary tells you when your secrets have been stolen.

Create a URL Canary

Put a special URL in a secret place

If a thief accesses your URL

You'll receive an alert

You'll create a special URL which you'll then embed in your secret place. If a thief steals your secret and accesses the URL, we'll immediately send you an alert so that you'll know the secret has been stolen, and you'll learn the IP address and User-Agent of the attacker.

You choose your own URL so you can pick something that sounds believable, and it's easy to setup a URL Canary on a custom domain name.

URL Canary will catch automated robots and crawlers, as well as manual human attackers. The only time it won't catch an attacker is if they don't see the canary, or they don't find it sufficiently-compelling and opt not to visit it. Since you have control of the URL and the domain name, you can make your canaries as compelling as possible for your specific use case. Please get in touch if you need advice.

Basic usage is totally free and always will be.

You don't have to create an account, you can get started right away.

Create a URL Canary